CommandBox CLI

CommandBox is the de facto standard for BoxLang development and execution.

CommandBox is an amalgamation of many different tools and borrows concepts from NPM, Grunt/Gulp, Maven, ANT, Node, and much more. Features include:

  • True Command Line for BoxLang and CFML

  • Operation System integration for executing commands

  • Ability to create and execute commands built using BoxLang and CFML

  • ForgeBox integration for cloud package management and installations

  • ColdBox Platform, TestBox, and ContentBox CMS Integrations

  • Integrated servlet server with rewrite capabilities

  • Ability to create command recipes and execution

  • Ability to interact with users via CLI and create workflows and


  • Ability to execute workflows and tasks

  • Built-in Help system


CommandBox is a Java-based executable that will run on the most recent desktop operating systems (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows). Since it is a command line tool that uses a shell interface, it does not require an operating system using a GUI. Below is a simple guideline to get you up and running, but an in-depth guide can be found here:


  • 256MB+ RAM

  • 250MB+ free hard drive space

  • Multi-core CPU recommended

  • JRE/JDK 21+

Getting Started

We have created a small getting started guide that will give you enough skills to move forward with any CommandBox development. You can find it here:

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