Containerize all things with BoxLang

Docker Images

Two distinct image tags have been published for BoxLang, each serving a specific purpose.

  • ortussolutions/boxlang:cli— This is just the BoxLang CLI in a container. You can pass expressions, run the runtime itself, use it for tooling, cron jobs, and more.

  • ortussolutions/boxlang:miniserver - This is the BoxLang MiniServer runtime packaged into a docker container.

docker pull ortussolutions/boxlang:cli
docker pull ortussolutions/boxlang:miniserver

Docker Tags

Both images are tagged with the following tags:

  • latest - The latest stable release of BoxLang

  • snapshot - The latest snapshot release of BoxLang

  • alpine-snapshot - The latest snapshot release of BoxLang on Alpine Linux

We encourage you to use the snapshot version of our images until we go stable.

Running Images

Running a command in a running container

docker exec -it CONTAINERID /usr/bin/ 2+2

Starting a docker container, run a command, and exit

docker run ortussolutions/boxlang:cli time /usr/bin/ 2+2

Starting a MiniServer

docker run -it \
   -p 8080:8080 \

# ARM / Apple Silicone
docker run --platform linux/amd64 \
   -it \
   -p 8080:8080 \

Docker Compose for Images

Two example compose files are included below.

Docker Compose for BoxLang CLI

version: "2.1"

    image: ortussolutions/boxlang:cli


version: "2.1"

    image: docker pull ortussolutions/boxlang:miniserver
      - BOXLANG_DEBUG=true
      - BOXLANG_MODULES=bx-compat,bx-esapi,bx-mysql
      - .:/app
      - 8880:8080

For more information on the options available when running the MiniServer container, see the image entry on Docker Hub.


The image has a module installer built in: /usr/local/bin/install-bx-module which can be used via the BOXLANG_MODULES env variable. If it detects it, then it will try to download an install those modules into the runtime's home. We recommend you do this by warming up the server first.

Runtime Source Code

The runtime source code can be found here:

We welcome any pull requests, testing, docs, etc.

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