CFML to BoxLang Transpiler

Transpile your CFML code to BoxLang.

This CLI tool will allow you to transpile your CFML code into BoxLang native code. This is a great way to move forward and leverage BoxLang for your future projects. It will also transpile your Tag-based CFCs into the script.


java -cp boxlang-1.0.0-all.jar ortus.boxlang.compiler.CFTranspiler 
--source /path/to/file.cfc 
--target /path/to/file.bx

(If you leave off the target file extension, the tool will automatically append the correct one based on the source file type). You can also convert an entire folder like so:

java -cp boxlang-1.0.0-all.jar ortus.boxlang.compiler.CFTranspiler 
--source /path/to/CF/code 
--target /path/to/BL/code 

Known issues right now are

  • It may not have the same whitespace you had in the original source. Since our Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) doesn’t store whitespace from script-based code, you’ll get whatever formatting the tool applies. That said, we do plan to make some of that configurable in regards to tabs v, spaces, etc.

  • ALL function and class annotations are converted to the new @foo bar syntax, but we’ll update that eventually to keep inline annotations as inline and only move CF “JavaDoc” style annotations to pre-annotations.

  • All CFCs will be converted to script. This is designed as BoxLang plans to enforce classes to only be written in script.

CLI Options

  • --source path A file or directory to transpile to BoxLang

  • --target path The target file or directory to store the new BoxLang source. Extension not required.

  • --stopOnError or --stopOnError boolean Stop execution if an error is encountered or continue processing. Defaults to false

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